worldView – Resources for Growing as a Global Christian

This Jaffray initiative seeks to provide opportunities for globally-minded Christians to further grow and learn about God’s mission in the world, leading to greater understanding and engagement.  Two such opportunities are Kairos and Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.


Kairosa 9-session interactive course on world Christian mission

Kairos “allows people to grasp hold of God’s big, redemptive plan and see the gospel reach the ends of the earth.”

Kairos “really challenged me and changed my whole view and understanding of mission and evangelism”  

 Kairos looks at the four essential areas of mission concern:

  • Biblical
    • God’s Purpose and Plan
    • Israel, The Covenant People
    • The Messiah, the Message & the Messengers
  • Historical 
    • Expansion of the World Christian Movement
  • Strategic
    • Mission Strategy
    • The Task Remaining
    • World Christian Teamwork
  • Cultural
    • Cross-Cultural Considerations


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

The Jaffray Centre partners with Perspectives to provide a 15-lesson discipleship course taught by a wide variety of global Christians with varying areas of expertise. This intensive one-week learning experience is a great opportunity to discover what God is doing around the world and how you might join with Him. The Perspectives course explores the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic aspects of God’s activity with a particular personal application to your life.  The course is offered every other year as a May module, and may be taken for credit at Ambrose.  For more information, contact us at