Beyond Hospitality: Migration, Multiculturalism, and the Church

The Canadian demographic landscape continues to change as we welcome people from every corner of the world.  As an immigrant nation, the church in Canada has historically been on the forefront of assisting new Canadians to settle in this country.  But is that enough? Perhaps it’s time for the local church to explore what it means to move beyond hospitality. Embracing New Canadians as equals provides us with the opportunity to better understand the issues and challenges they face as we seek to make Canada a more integrated multicultural nation. The 2019 Jaffray Missiological Symposium explores a variety of themes around migration, multiculturalism, and the role of the church in moving beyond hospitality.


  • Explore and examine the new Canadian experience of Canada from the perspective of the church and faith communities.
  • Examine the issues and challenges faced by new Canadian church communities.
  • Identify the training and educational needs of new Canadian congregations.
  • Explore the relationship between new Canadian communities and existing Canadian churches and denominations.
  • Examine the challenges of first, second, and third generation Canadian congregations.
  • Identify new Canadian congregations across Canada: who they are, what they’re doing, are where they’re located.
  • Discuss the application of diaspora missiology to the Canadian context, and explore how a local congregation can accelerate multicultural, and multigenerational communities.


  • Canada, A Nation of Immigrants: Understanding the Canadian historical-demographic landscape is essential ingredients towards the missional opportunities and fulfillment of the great commission within the dominion.
  • Historical Roots: Immigration through the eyes of the Indigenous people
  • Are Canadians Hospitable? The Biblical and Theological Moorings of Hospitality
  • Applied Diaspora Missiology in the Canadian Context

Date: Wednesday, January 16 – Friday, January 18, 2019
Location: Entheos Retreat and Conference Centre, Calgary, Alberta

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