eMerge – “Building Friendships” Courtney an eMerge:Global Leadership in Action Participant

Courtney participated in the program in both 2009 and 2010. She has a very relational heart and says that one of the highlights of the program for her was all of the  she made during the time in Quebec. She says that these relationships make her feel like she still has a deep connection with the people of Quebec because she continues to maintain those friendships.

However, Courtney says that the most important lesson that she learned was to trust God fully, trying to see the bigger picture of what God is doing. She says that she now knows that God has her best in mind and is in control, even if she is unsure of how he is leading her.

Courtney has graduated from high school and is now attending college, earning a BA in World Studies. After she graduates she feels that God is calling her to be an international worker, possibly in Uganda, but she’s still seeking God about location. Wherever Courtney ends up she desires to bring the love and saving story of Jesus Christ.

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