inSight – “50 Nations Under 1 Roof” – Rob (Ambrose Seminary)

What does worship in heaven sound like?  We do know that there are people from every tribe, nation and language.  So I have a good idea.

This past summer my inSight intercultural internship placement was at the International Evangelical Churchin the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.  As the African Union headquarters in based in Addis Ababa and only a few hundred meters from the church there are diplomats and entrepreneurs from almost every nation in the city.  Every Sunday we worshipped with people from at least 50 different nationalities.  I heard almost every possible English accent.

What was my role for the summer?  To develop a small group program and train future leaders for this multi-cultural church.  It was a privilege to meet with future leaders in small groups throughout the week to interact with them as we modelled what a multi-ethnic small group could look like.  Did the Apostle Paul envision these small groups when he started his ministry to the Gentiles? Continue reading