angExchange – “The Teacher became the Student” – Dr. Bernie Van De Walle

On this, my second time working with the Jaffray Centre’s Ang International Educational Initiative, I had the pleasure to teach in four different schools in two different countries—the Philippines and Vietnam.  This venture kept me on the road, teaching all day long for four weeks in a row with only a day or two off during the whole time.  Even on Sundays I would either be preaching or travelling to my next destination.  By the end of it all, I was exhausted. (I am still not sure that I have fully recovered.) I considered myself to be quite dedicated and even, on my less than stellar moments, hard done by. Continue reading

onSite – “Clarifying Direction” – Heather

My program at Ambrose University College gave me the opportunity to do an internship overseas, which I did in the Middle East.

God had so clearly designed this opportunity for me. The team I worked with was starting Community Development initiatives in areas affected by the 2005 earthquake.  A main focus was on training teachers and developing curriculums in five Muslims schools in the area. I grew up in Japan and had a lot of previous experience in teaching English and coming up with new material. I was confident in passing on these abilities, which allowed me to develop relationships with the teachers and students at the 5 schools. I fell in love with the children, and was amazed by how they lived; on quite cold days, some children would come without socks or shoes and had no sweaters. I was humbled by how much I had and yet I was unable to love and serve in the ways that I saw in this culture. Continue reading

globaLearning – ”The Cost of Service” – “Maria”

I (Maria from Colombia, now living in Europe) had the privilege of taking the Jaffray online class Resiliency, and it meant a great deal to me.  My life was deeply touched by the examples and living testimonies of God´s people around the world spreading the Gospel, which sometimes meant to plant the seed and water it with martyrdom. I can’t express with words what it meant in my own personal grieving process as I encountered transition in my ministry.
It was also beneficial for the national church to rethink their theology of suffering and the implications of pastoral care for workers.  I thank the Lord for His amazing timing in letting me take this class and know above all that He is with me until the end.