angExchange – “The very thing I had hoped would happen” – Sandy Ayer

Sandy Ayer, director of Library Services and Archivist at Ambrose University College, recently travelled to Davao, Philippines, to conduct library assessments and seminars at several schools there, as part of Jaffray’s angExchange.  He comments:

The highlight of my recent trip to Davao, Philippines on behalf of the Jaffray Centre had to be the seminar I led for local theological librarians on the future of libraries.  I confess to having been quite nervous about this presentation. “This has to be about the future of their libraries,” I thought. “What do I know about that?”    Continue reading

eMerge – “Experiencing the ‘Realness of God’” Ashley is a high school Global Leadership in Action Participant

Ashley says that the highlight of the leadership experience for her was being given the opportunity to do service work on the farm during the time in Quebec. Another highlight for her was learning how to pray for others, even if they seemed angry or unlovable.

Ashley says that she was stretched to grow up in her faith and to open up about her faith while participating in GLA. She adds that the experience has also made her bolder about her faith since coming back to Calgary.

However, Ashley says that one of the most powerful experiences in Quebec was learning about the “realness” of God in her life, all by losing her glasses.

“Before the trip I was struggling with actually believing if God really does exist because, being brought up in a relatively modern society and group of friends, you tend to question a lot of stuff and ask for evidence. So during one of the park ministries we did, I put my glasses in my pocket so I could wear sunglasses and after a few surveys with people I noticed that my glasses were gone from my pocket. Continue reading

eMerge – “Building Friendships” Courtney an eMerge:Global Leadership in Action Participant

Courtney participated in the program in both 2009 and 2010. She has a very relational heart and says that one of the highlights of the program for her was all of the  she made during the time in Quebec. She says that these relationships make her feel like she still has a deep connection with the people of Quebec because she continues to maintain those friendships.

However, Courtney says that the most important lesson that she learned was to trust God fully, trying to see the bigger picture of what God is doing. She says that she now knows that God has her best in mind and is in control, even if she is unsure of how he is leading her.

Courtney has graduated from high school and is now attending Continue reading

inSight – “50 Nations Under 1 Roof” – Rob (Ambrose Seminary)

What does worship in heaven sound like?  We do know that there are people from every tribe, nation and language.  So I have a good idea.

This past summer my inSight intercultural internship placement was at the International Evangelical Churchin the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.  As the African Union headquarters in based in Addis Ababa and only a few hundred meters from the church there are diplomats and entrepreneurs from almost every nation in the city.  Every Sunday we worshipped with people from at least 50 different nationalities.  I heard almost every possible English accent.

What was my role for the summer?  To develop a small group program and train future leaders for this multi-cultural church.  It was a privilege to meet with future leaders in small groups throughout the week to interact with them as we modelled what a multi-ethnic small group could look like.  Did the Apostle Paul envision these small groups when he started his ministry to the Gentiles? Continue reading

globaLearning – “Developing the Rhythm of the Spiritual Life” – Tim

It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to take the online Global Learning module and have someone like Ric (instructor) journey with me down a road that I personally feel is less traveled.  I believe that the Christian life can be easily pursued on a pragmatic level focusing our attention on what we can accomplish rather than who we are, as spiritual beings.   Spiritual Formation challenged me to refocus my travels on wholeness and wellness of the inner life, paying special attention to “how” I can love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength while loving my neighbor as myself. Continue reading