globaLearning – “Developing the Rhythm of the Spiritual Life” – Tim

It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to take the online Global Learning module and have someone like Ric (instructor) journey with me down a road that I personally feel is less traveled.  I believe that the Christian life can be easily pursued on a pragmatic level focusing our attention on what we can accomplish rather than who we are, as spiritual beings.   Spiritual Formation challenged me to refocus my travels on wholeness and wellness of the inner life, paying special attention to “how” I can love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength while loving my neighbor as myself.

I recall, early in my spiritual writings, “There is the danger of treating these modules as an exercise that appeals to the academia rather than the experiential and practical.”  I soon discovered the challenge was greater than my desire to perform and my ability to participate (engage with the material); but rather my honesty with self and God.

The mentoring received by Ric on-line and the exercises offered through Calhoun’s pages (Spiritual Disciplines Handbook) coached me into a heart response that helped create a rhythm of daily retreat, forcing (yes forcing) me to reflect, agonize, wrestle, discover, fear and receive, moving me to rediscover an inner solitude that enabled me to resurface and reengage with the world around me.

The course on Spiritual Formation has helped me develop what I refer to as a ‘Rhythm of the Spiritual Life’ starting with where I am and not where I perceive to be in my life.  Moving me inward to discover a safe place and source of renewal (personal resolve) with God.  Nudging me outward with newfound courage.

I heard it once said, ‘The world is to be my home but it is not to be the place that sets the agenda for my life’.

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