The Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives seeks to reflect the following core values.

■ We encourage collaboration and partnerships that…

• embody God’s spirit
• honor the body of Christ
• model kingdom values
• provide synergy that enhances fruitfulness
• value “others” and their “otherness”
• build win-win partnerships with organizations and individuals worldwide

■ We believe in the need for innovation and creativity that…

• is prayer-centered and prophetic
• acknowledges God’s gifts, calling and prior development
• bridge gaps between Christians of various cultures
• holds vision and “outside-the-box” creativity in tension with lots of down-to-earth reality and discipline

■ We value education and research that…

• is biblically based and ethically responsible
• is educationally integrative
• utilizes adult education processes
• aims at applying life-long learning goals
• encourages Christ centered spiritual and character formation
• takes place in a context that is personal and relational

Our Faith Statement: