■ Charles Cook, PhD

– Executive Director of the Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives and Professor of Global Studies and Mission at Ambrose Seminary 

Charlie is the Executive Director of the Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives and Professor of Global Studies and Mission at Ambrose University where he has served since 1989. Prior to teaching at Ambrose, the Cooks worked in Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina. Born to Canadian international workers he was raised in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. When he is not teaching he can be found involved in various Jaffray related activities in different corners of the world. One of his quirks is his glass Coca Cola bottle collection from some ninety-three countries. Come join him on the journey by chasing him down at http://twitter.com/cdnglobalsoul or contact him at jaffray@ambrose.edu.

■ Lauren Goldbeck, MA

– Research and Program Coordinator, Jaffray Centre
Lauren can be reached at jaffray@ambrose.edu or (403) 410-2000 ext. 3997.

■ Cyndy Ingram, MA

– Convener of the Jaffray tckConnect, an iniative to support Third Culture Kids and Missionary Kids
Cyndy was an international worker with her husband in Cote d’Ivoire for two terms, working in the areas of church planting, leadership formation and literacy. She has training and experience in the field of member care and loves to encourage and walk alongside of people in the midst of cross-cultural transitions. The Ingrams have three grown sons and a daughter-in-law, all of whom live in Calgary. Cyndy can be reached at jaffray@ambrose.edu.

■ Ron Brown, DMin

– Convener of the Jaffray keeperCare Network, Founder and Editor of the Global Vault and Sessional Intercultural Studies Professor at Ambrose University 
Ron Brown is a missions coach with CMA-Canada based in Calgary and the energy behind the Global Vault. Prior to his present role, he pastored churches in Vegreville and Calgary and worked for 27 years in Africa living in four different countries. Besides working as a missions coach, Ron sits on the governing boards of the Mobile Member Care Team and Institut Biblique VIE in Montreal.  He serves on the Kairos Canada Lead Team as the Alberta Coordinator, and is on the Canada Facilitation Team for the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. Ron was born and raised in Central Africa by missionary parents; his doctoral work on missionary resiliency was done at Trinity International University. The Browns have two adult daughters and a son-in-law. Ron can be reached at jaffray@ambrose.edu.

■ Sadiri Joy Tira, DMiss, DMin

– Convener of the Jaffray diasporaNet Research Initiative and Diaspora Missiology Specialist as well as Sessional Intercultural Studies Professor at Ambrose University 

Sadiri Tira, more commonly known as Joy, is a missions practitioner who travels extensively around the globe mobilizing Christians in diaspora, particularly the globally scattered Filipinos to help fulfill the Great Commission. Born and raised in the Philippines, Joy and his wife Lulu immigrated to Canada in 1981 and are now naturalized Canadians. They are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — one of Canada’s top destinations for new immigrants and foreign workers. Joy serves as the Lausanne Movement‘s Senior Associate for Diasporas. He can be contacted at jaffray@ambrose.edu.

■ Ray Aldred, PhD (Cand)

— Convener of the firstPeoples Initiative (Institute for Indigenous Research)

Reverend Ray Aldred is status Cree. Born in Northern Alberta, he now resides with his wife and son in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ray is the Assistant Professor of Theology at Ambrose Seminary in Calgary, Alberta. Also, he continues to work with My People International to develop indigenous leadership. He is former Director for the First Nations Alliance Churches of Canada where he worked to encourage pastors ministering to aboriginal people. Ray has also had the privilege of addressing several college conferences and meetings related to cross-cultural ministry.  He can be contacted at jaffray@ambrose.edu.