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The Jaffray Centre is an integration point for global initiatives at Ambrose University. A combination incubator/greenhouse of sorts where new ideas, collaborative initiatives and fresh ways of looking at God’s global mission are nurtured. The Jaffray Centre is made up of  people like you and me who want to engage the world around them in new and meaningful ways. Through collaborative project development, training and research projects, the Jaffray Centre seeks to rekindle and ignite a passion for God’s unending concern for people.


The 3rd Annual ReBoot was held at Ambrose University on August 6-12, 2016, and was a great success. The Calgary Herald interviewed our very own Cyndy Ingram for an article about the event. You can read all about it here

ReBoot 2017 is coming August 5-12, 2017. Learn more and register.

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Kairos – a 9-session interactive course on world Christian mission

  • Kairos Courses are available in a variety of languages in locations across Canada. Find one near you. Learn more
  • Kairos may be taken for credit at Ambrose; for more information, contact us.